• Combining hand craftsmanship with modern day technology and ergonomics to provide the best church pews for your worship interior, built to last generations.
  • We are confident that you will find something that fits your specific facility’s needs. Our designs will distinguish your sanctuary from the average worship room:
    • Quality solid wood construction
    • Innovative pew styling & design
    • Deep cushioned and comfortable seating
    • Designed for maximum comfort and functionality          
  • RDSS’s installers are professional and efficient; and the pews are ready on time. We are also very flexible, allowing the facility to select and customize furnishings & materials.

Pew Reupholster/Refurbish

  • Prolong the life of your classic pews. Many times your beautiful Solid Wood Pews don’t need to be replaced, just refurbished.
  • RDSS provides complete church pew refurbishing and reupholstery service to breathe new life into aging pews.
  • Whether you need to change the color of your upholstery fabric, add to your antique or existing pews, refinish your existing pews, we offer a cost effective alternative to purchasing new pews.

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